Enjoy the convenience of opening your gate without going near the gate! Make your home safe and secure! Prevent unauthorised entry! Your home becomes completely secure and safe! Add some comfort into your life style! No more getting wet in the rain to open and close your gate! Enjoy and make life a little more comfortable for you and your family! If you are busy housewife, you do not need to get out of the comfort of your home to open up the gate for your visitor! Push of a button does the job for you!
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Product -Product - SECTOR
Main features
  • Battery backup
  • High volume capability
  • Rapid boom pole raise (3m version < 1.2sec)
  • Smooth intelligent speed control
  • High torque boom pole operation
  • Robust, durable and slim-line operator casing
  • LCD user interface for simple set up
  • Onboard NOVA rolling code (KeeloqTM encryption)  multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality
SECTOR 3 – Rapid speed high-volume barrier, 3m boom pole
SECTOR 4 – Standard speed high-volume barrier, 4.5m boom pole
SECTOR 6 – Standard speed high-volume barrier, 6m boom pole
Product - CENTINEL

If the requirement is to cordon off a parking lot or entrance to a housing estate where a manned guard is always present, then the CENTINEL manual barrier is a perfect cost-effective answer.

The CENTINEL is available with 3, 4.5 and 6 metre boom pole lengths. Using an internal spring the CENTINEL avoids the use of unsightly weights to counterbalance the boom pole. This results in a particularly compact and aesthetically pleasing barrier befitting the entrance to any up-market installation.

Main features
  • Internal spring counterbalance
  • Attractive slim-line construction
  • Convenient actuating handle for raising boom pole
  • Thumbwheel to secure pole in raised or lowered position
CENTINEL 3 - Manual Barrier, 3m boom pole
CENTINEL 4 - Manual barrier, 4,5m boom pole
CENTINEL 6 - Manual barrier, 6m boom pole